Life on the road so far…

Well, life on the road so far has been pretty hectic! I know I said I’d blog and keep you all up to date, and this is my first post in a month on the road. Shameful, I know! It’s going to have to be a quick one, as I seem to have misplaced my glasses and am squinting at my laptop in a very headache-inducing fashion.

We started off on the goat farm just south of Oslo at the beginning of June. It was really interesting and we enjoyed the experience. We decided to head off on the road rather than stick around, however. Norway is quite a bit bigger than we realised! And we don’t want to rush from place to place, so we took off from the farm and headed towards the west coast.

We’ve seen some amazing sights so far. First stop was Eidfjord, which is in the south west of Norway. It’s very, very beautiful. The scenery is so dramatic, and we hadn’t even seen any of the good good stuff yet! Eidfjord is also where we tried our hands at free camping for the first time. Just us, the van, and a waterfall. You can see the picture on Instagram here.

From Eidfjord we spent some time exploring the Hardangarvidda area, which is a big mountain plateau and actually reminded us a lot of Scotland. We did a big hike here which almost did us in I think. The hiking in Norway is intense, more so than anything either of us have encountered before. I think we’re both still recovering! There was even snow on the top of the mountain still – picture here.

We’re now making our way north up the coast. Last weekend we spent some time in Bergen. We both liked it a lot, and we found the cheapest Norwegian pint (well, half litre!) yet for 64 krone – about £5.90. Bargain..!?!? Anyway, Bergen was a lot of fun. It reminded us of a cross between Bristol and Dublin. We ate well, drank well and just generally soaked up the atmosphere. After three days we were excited to get back on the road again as our feet were starting to get a little bit itchy.

The last couple of nights we’ve spent free camping next to Nærøyfjord – the narrowest fjord in Norway! It was absolutely stunning and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Well, until three o’clock this morning, that is. We were awoken by a massive, horned bull scratching himself on our van! It woke us up and Ben almost gave me a heart attack when he shouted out that we were rolling down the hill into the fjord. Thankfully it was just the bull rocking the van! We got out to say hello, and there was a horse and a couple of Shetland ponies just hanging out too. We’d seen them earlier in the day, close to the farm at the end of the road but we didn’t realise that they came as far as where we were parked. Luckily, we managed to get some good sun rise pictures – not that it ever truly gets dark here in the summer months, which is a little bit odd. It took a little while to go back to sleep after this morning’s adventures, that’s for sure.

Now we’re in a campsite in a place called Flåm, which is a very pretty village. From here we’re going to make our way further north and probably do some more hiking in the national parks.

Sorry for the short post and lack of pictures, the internet connection is not amazing, so it’s proving difficult. Best place to see pictures in on Instagram. I’ll try and update again soon! Missing you all and thinking of you loads!

Laura and Ben x


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