A guide to the theatre in Bristol

For those of us lucky enough to call Bristol our home, we’re blessed with an exciting and frankly impressive range of theatres and performances to choose from. Whether you’re looking for classic Shakespearean tragedy or boundary-pushing work from new artists, Bristol is where it’s at.

The theatre options in Bristol are so varied and such high quality that you could bounce from theatre to theatre taking in great performances at every turn. In fact, I’ve just written a blog for Visit Bristol explaining how to do just that! Check it out and let me know what you think – do you agree with my theatre choices? Are there any others you’d have included?

My favourite theatre

There are some really wonderful theatres and performance venues in Bristol that produce some outstanding work. Perhaps my favourite place to go right now is the Wardrobe Theatre. It’s at the back of a pub cum restaurant and is turning out some excellent, thought-provoking and outrageously funny live performance.

It’s about the only place I can think of where you could see a strictly 18+ Christmas panto that combines Rocky with a Rocky Horror Picture Show with results that will be seared into my memory forever. Think stockings, suspenders, boxing gloves and an approach to audience participation that takes no prisoners – front row, I’m looking at you! For children it ain’t.

Luckily for us Bristolians, there are plenty of child-friendly options. If you’re visiting the city be sure to check out what’s on this weekend.


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