Photo Challenge: Relax

via Photo Challenge: Relax

Wandering amongst brilliantly colourful houses, smelling the salty air while sunlight bursts through the leafy canopies of the many trees, my breathing slows, and my heart rate drops a little to keep rhythm with island time. The haven of tranquility that is Prince Edward Island is home to an enclave so sedate, you might wonder if time is standing still. Now that is relaxation.

A dog surveys his tranquil surroundings in Victoria-by-the- Sea, P.E.I.

There are roads in Victoria, or Victoria-by-the-Sea as it’s sometimes called, but there is so little traffic, they seem to be put there more for show than use. Artists busy themselves in teensy studios, crafting all manner of goods from the practical to the pretty. Outside, the streets are all but empty, save a couple of interested travellers come to halt the tick of their watches for a short while.

Dogs wander around unleashed; it surely won’t take visitors long to spot the very docile Newfoundland as he ambles between comfy nap spots – apparently more of a collective pet than anyone’s in particular. There’s even a warning sign to deter errant motorists from notions of speeding: Newfoundland crossing.

When life in the city rushes by at a speed, the thought of the warm sea breeze rustling the leaves overhead, as the long summer days drift slowly by, brings nothing but relaxation. A reminder that maybe, if we pause to enjoy the moment every once in a while, island time is with us after all.

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